Our Key Business Partners



Jared Forts, Owner / Photographer & Graphic Designer

Forts Studios provides commercial photography, graphic design and other creative services to companies and organizations of all sizes. They are based in central Ohio and support clients in multiple industries such as healthcare, real estate, community development, product design, health & wellness, publishing and distribution.

With specialties in Print Design, Product Photography, Website Consulting, Real Estate Photography, Identity and Branding, Forts Studios can help with all of your creative needs.





Christopher Carlin, Director of Business Development

ICSN, Inc. is a global ‘design to manufacture’ solutions provider for Contract Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, VMI, DFM Services, LCD touch monitors, Aluminum Die Castings, Investment Castings, Plastic Injection Molding and Medical Devices.

Mr. Carlin and his team of specialists collaborated closely with Team Squidget over the past six years to provide important product design engineering. Chris has been an invaluable supporter of Team Squidget.




Afinia 3D
Zack, Sterzinger, Sales Representative

Afinia sells award-winning desktop 3D printers and 3D scanners. They strive to provide reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use equipment to engineers, educators, and hobbyists across the nation.

Zack has become our go-to 3D printing guru, helping to ensure optimal printing of the Squidget prototypes. Zack, Mike and Paul on their Technical Support Team made it possible to print "out-of-the-box". Team Afinia’s commitment to customer service and technical support is unmatched. They have come through time and again to help us keep our printers running almost non-stop, 24-7.  




Autodesk Fusion 360
Paul Flynn, Account Manager

Fusion 360 is a new cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM design solution that revolutionizes workflow from Concept Design to Engineering, through to Manufacturing.  

Paul brought us this great product and has delivered unparalleled support providing full access to his engineering team. 




Tim Kehm, Account Manager

Profound3D offers reliable 3D printing solutions that meet common operational needs for many businesses large and small, as well as creative, enterprising individuals. We built our business providing quality products and above all, unbeatable customer service. 

Tim and his team helped us purchase our first Afinia 3D Printer as well as with set-up and technical questions the entire process.




Arcon Ring & Specialty Corp.
John De Bello, Marketing Manager

Arron Ring & Specialty Corp. has been supplying retaining rings and specialty items for over thirty years. Each product is made to a customer's exact specifications.

John’s team helped get us the exact right snap-ring to anchor the Spinner shaft, making it safe and fun. John worked closely with us to understand both the functionality needed and the safety that was crucial.






Victoria Lohman, Account Manager

Since 1991 the team at the Hot Wire Foam Factory has been helping folks like Team Squidget to optimize creativity and productivity with easy to use hot wire cutters, foam cutting tools and ESP foam materials.  

Victoria’s team helped configure our cutting foam production for the cases in a way that cut our production time by 70% and got us the proper foam. Great Job!!




J.R. Higgins Associates, LLC
James J. Mott, Chief Operating Officer

J.R. Higgins Associates, LLC is a division of Sathorn Corporation. Mr. Mott is in charge of day-to-day operations, with over 32 years of industry experience including Cummins Engine Company and Polaroid. 

Jim worked closely with Sean, Senior V.P. and John Bello of Arcon Ring, to machine exactly the right pin to be used to support the Green Tab Spinner for Squidget.