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S.O.A.P. - the original 'Squidget-On-A-Pen' (pen not included)

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S.O.A.P. - the original 'Squidget-On-A-Pen'  (Orders over $50 free shipping worldwide)

Introducing our exciting new, Patent-Pending, authentic 'Squidget-On-A-Pen', or as we refer to it: 'S.O.A.P.'.........

Similar to our immensely popular, Original and Professional Series Squidgets, 'S.O.A.P.' was designed by world class fidgeters for fidgeters of all ages and types...

It contains six important, different functions, each of which provides a safe, satisfying and effective alternative to otherwise disruptive or potentially self-harming fidgeting behaviors.

What makes this newest addition to the Squidget Series unique and extremely valuable is that you can attach it to the top of a straight pen.  Thereby having it fully available while still being discrete and effective.  We designed it so that once that initial pen runs out of ink, you can simply remove it and attach it to the top of a new one.

The six key functions it contains are:

              • Pen Clicker
              • Pencil Roller
              • Hair Twirler
              • Spinner Tab
              • Button Twist
              • Deep Nail Satisfaction

And it provides an option for attaching it to a lanyard for those individuals (like the Chief Squidgeter, Jerry) that like to carry such things there.