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Squidget Original Series

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The Original Squidget  (Orders over $50 free shipping worldwide)

The only Original, Authentic and Patent-Pending fidgeting solution for all types of fidgeters of all ages.   Whether you're a student, Teacher, Parent or regular fidgeter, Squidget was invented for you.

Squidget, is the only original, authentic and Patent-Pending fidgeting solution that offers 7 safe alternatives to disruptive and potentially self-harming fidgeting.

It contains the following seven attachments with six more already in development for next year:

1. Pencil Roller
2. Hair Twirler
3. Pen Clicker
4. Button Twist
5. Spinner
6. Rubbing Bubbles
7. Grooves for 'Deep Nail Pressure' satisfaction.

Currently retailing at $16.95 each. The Original Squidget is Produced in America and Hand-Assembled.